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This guide assumes you’ve already installed Eclipse, PyDev, Python and Django. It also assumes you’re using Eclipse 3.2, PyDev 1.2.4, Django 0.95 and Python 2.4.

* Go to Window->Preferences->Preferences->PyDev->Python Interpretter and add the django source file to the PYTHONPATH settings.
* Create a new PyDev pyhon project. Make sure you uncheck the ‘create src folder’ option.
* Create project on the command line using django e.g. startproject mysite
* In your newly created project directory create a src directory in it, and move the django generated source files here
* In eclipse, right-click your project and select refresh
* Right-click on the project and select Properties->PyDev - PYTHONPATH, and add your src folder to the project source settings

That should be it. I still get red underlines on the Django source imports even thought PyDev seems to know about them – to test this is working properly, open up your file and ctrl click on the patterns call – it should take you to

Now you can go ahead and create your database & super user.

Launching to built-in server

Open up and hit F9. This should print out the usage information for the server. To actually start the server, select Run->Run..., and in the Arguments tab for enter runserver --noreload. The noreload argument gives you output.

Thanks go to PyDev creator Fabio Zadrozny for his guide which got me going.

On a Wednesday instead this week, just for kicks, but once again at the “Olde Bank of England”: from 7pm. No agenda as yet, but I want demos! Leave a comment if you’ll be coming so I can get an idea of numbers.

Though the magic of Google Calendar (I’m so Web 20 it _hurts_) I now have publically available “ical(London 2.0 meet-up events – iCal)”: and “rss(London 2.0 meet-up events – rss)”: feeds. Once I get home it’ll be on upcoming too (damn corporate firewall tagging it as a dating site…), although unless upcoming starts letting me splice in my Google events soon I’ll probably stop using the service.

p(update). _Update_: I’ve added a simple block on the bottom of this site listing the upcoming London 2.0 events using dwc’s “iCal WordPress plugin”: There is also a specific “category”: and “rss feed”: for all London 2.0 meet-up information.

Thanks to everyone who attended London 2.0 RC 4 last night (in rather cramped conditions). The “usual(Simon Willison’s weblog)”: “suspects”: were in attendance, as well as Adrian Holovaty who was in for a few days.

“Phil Dawes”: demonstrated both “Bicycle Repair Man(Bicycle Repair Man – Python Refactoring Tool)”: and the Python testing tool “Protest”: (we need screencasts of both!), and I pointed numerous people towards the impressive “DabbleDB”: screencast. Demo of the night probably had to be Remi Delon showing off “Python Hosting”: They offer a very slick, one-click install of a variety of different webapp frameworks (everything from TurboGears to Zope to Django) for a very “reasonable price(Python Hosting shared hosting plans)”: His screencast is out soon – but put it this way, TextDrive’s TextPanel is going to have a lot to live up to, not to mention their forthcoming Rails-dedicated hosting (note: I’m a TextDrive user myself). Despite their name, Python-Hosting do also provide Rails hosting, however it’s not yet integrated with their slick user interface.

Details on next month’s London 2.0 RC5 coming up soon.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – “So soon after the announcement of the “March meeting(magpiebrain – London RC3 March Meetup)”: Has Sam started getting organised?”. Well, kind of – actually I heard from Harry Pot “Simon W(Simon Willison’s Weblog)”: that one of the Django devs, “Adrian Holovaty(Adrian Holovaty’s Weblog)”:, was going to be in town.

Given that it’s so far in advance, I’m sure many of you won’t know if you can make it, but once again it’ll be the same cross-language cross-technology meetup, broadly aligned along Web 2.0 lines – all are welcome, whether or not you think Web 2.0 is great, or just a crock of poo.
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Another Django/Rails/Catalyst/Java/web2.0 love in to be held at “The Old Bank of England”: onFleet Street. Web 2.0 advocates and detractors are welcome, as are any enthusiasts of Lisp, Python, Ruby, Java, Haskell or whatever other dirty commie language you lot use.

Once again I’ll be (badly) organising this with the aid of Simon Brunning, his “jury service permitting(Small Values of Cool – London 2.0rc3)”:

If you’re coming along either leave a comment or register your interest on “Upcoming( – London 2.0 RC3)”: – we have to book a room so it’d be good to get an idea of numbers.

As I assume many of you (including myself) will be attending the “The Future of Web Apps”:, I’m not going to run a specific Web 2.0 RCX meeting this month. To be honest I can only stand to hang around you new-media over-enthusiastic hand-wavers once a month (you know “who you are”:!), and what with the lineup for the summit it looks like I’m going to get about 4 months worth of Web 2.0 hypness. I’m planning to run an unofficial meetup in the evening after the summit proper, venue tbc.

Just a quick note after a long absence (no doubt a flood of posts will now follow, preceding another too long gap). Anyway, “London 2.0rc2(London 2.0rc1 on”: is on for this Tuesday. Once again it’ll be combining the Python meetup, and will be open to all Ruby, Django, Rails, Python, RSS, Catalyst,, TurboGears, Java, RDF and Struts enthusiasts, and interested observers. After missing the last two (which is bad form as an organiser) I’ll be making a concerted effort to put in a prolonged apperance.

If you’re coming, you could either signup on “”:, or leave a comment here. As normal, it’s from 6pm til late at the “Old Bank of England(Upcoming’s entry for the Old Bank of England)”:

*We need a snappier name…

As the calendar gets a little crowded in December, myself, Simon and Jez have decided to combine the Java, Django/Rails and Python nights together in one big bash at the Old Bank Of England, on the 12th of December, from 7pm onwards. As normal there is no particular agenda, although people wanting to do demos are more than welcome (just let me know first so we can publicise it).

Oh, and as Jez has had to stick a deposit down for the reserved space, please leave a comment to let us know you’re coming!

Update: I’ve caught what I think is a cross between avian flu and sars, with a bit of ebola thrown in. Needless to say I’ll be unable to attend this evening – so Simon B is in charge. Needless to say I’m a little annoyed.

OK, arrangements have been made and we have a new venue for the monthly Django/Rails/Python/Ruby meeting. This time around we’ll have our own space at the Old Bank Of England, which should be much more quiet than Smiths. Like last month, we’ll hopefully be joined by the London Python group, and Django/Rails/Python/Ruby newbies are more than welcome.

Given that we’ll have a better venue for it, I’d also be as keen on people showing demos – hopefully I’ll try and get my colleagues to repeat the demo created for our recent GreenPeace bid. Make sure you leave a comment if you’ll be attending, as I’d like to let the barman know if we’ll drink him out of house and home…