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On a Wednesday instead this week, just for kicks, but once again at the “Olde Bank of England”: from 7pm. No agenda as yet, but I want demos! Leave a comment if you’ll be coming so I can get an idea of numbers.

Though the magic of Google Calendar (I’m so Web 20 it _hurts_) I now have publically available “ical(London 2.0 meet-up events – iCal)”: and “rss(London 2.0 meet-up events – rss)”: feeds. Once I get home it’ll be on upcoming too (damn corporate firewall tagging it as a dating site…), although unless upcoming starts letting me splice in my Google events soon I’ll probably stop using the service.

p(update). _Update_: I’ve added a simple block on the bottom of this site listing the upcoming London 2.0 events using dwc’s “iCal WordPress plugin”: There is also a specific “category”: and “rss feed”: for all London 2.0 meet-up information.

7 Responses to “London 2.0 RC 5, Wednesday May 3rd”

  1. Mark Matthews

    Sounds great – had to miss a few due to moving house and getting anew Job – at BNPParibas with two nice chaps you might have met before – Mike and James

  2. Remi

    Sorry guys, won’t be able to make it this month as I’m in France at the moment … I’ll make the next one though.


  3. Joeboy

    I’m planning to be there, and will have a Django / TinyMCE based CMS to show anyone who’s interested.


  4. Peter

    I’ll try to make it, I’m going to the WeMedia conference.. Not sure if I’ll get sidetracked there though. Haven’t been in London for a few years, looking forward to it!


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