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As I assume many of you (including myself) will be attending the “The Future of Web Apps”:, I’m not going to run a specific Web 2.0 RCX meeting this month. To be honest I can only stand to hang around you new-media over-enthusiastic hand-wavers once a month (you know “who you are”:!), and what with the lineup for the summit it looks like I’m going to get about 4 months worth of Web 2.0 hypness. I’m planning to run an unofficial meetup in the evening after the summit proper, venue tbc.

3 Responses to “No Web 2.0 RC 3 this month but…”

  1. Nat

    Dude, Web 2.0 is so last year. People are already blogging about Web 3.0. If you want to be ahead of the curve you’ve got to be thinking about Web 4.0 and beyond.

  2. tom

    Due to amazing good fortune, I am now free that evening, so I propose booze.

    After Web 5.5 comes Web 6.0, but after that we’re going to hit Web 95 – and then the shit really hits the Brian Eno-soundtracked fan.

    I tell you, BRAIL is where it’s at.


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