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Just a quick note after a long absence (no doubt a flood of posts will now follow, preceding another too long gap). Anyway, “London 2.0rc2(London 2.0rc1 on”: is on for this Tuesday. Once again it’ll be combining the Python meetup, and will be open to all Ruby, Django, Rails, Python, RSS, Catalyst,, TurboGears, Java, RDF and Struts enthusiasts, and interested observers. After missing the last two (which is bad form as an organiser) I’ll be making a concerted effort to put in a prolonged apperance.

If you’re coming, you could either signup on “”:, or leave a comment here. As normal, it’s from 6pm til late at the “Old Bank of England(Upcoming’s entry for the Old Bank of England)”:

12 Responses to “London 2.0rc2, Tuesday the 10th.”

  1. Simon Willison

    Now that there’s a bigger crowd, it might be good to think about getting some short (15 mins each, max of three a night) presentations going. We’d need a different venue though.

  2. Sam Newman

    A venue that can be both a good demo venue and a good boozy hang out might be a bit of an ask – but we could start the hunt for one. I suspect the research could be fun 🙂

  3. Steve Freeman

    Just to second Dave’s point. I suggest you get in touch with the pub and book whichever room at the back that XtC isn’t in.

  4. Sam Newman

    I didn’t pick this date unfortunately – I normally pick them to avoid XtC. This date was chosen so some of the python people could make it, I should of twigged earlier that we’d be clashing with XtC! Simon B made the initial arrangements – I’ll check with him to see if we have a room booked.


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