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As I’m putting the finishing touches to my article on Java & RSS. The submission deadline for the alterations is Monday but I’m hoping to finish it tonight so I can have the weekend clear.


Moko No Swallow

A whole array of useful sites and tools for you today.

* First off, this “on line PHP script”: over at “nickherman”: will generate a colour palette based on a given colour.
* “Colours on the web(Colours on the web – color Theory and color matching)”: is a great site which also hosts a “colour wizard”: which from the description sounds great, however failed to work for me with a handy @Microsoft VB Script runtime error ‘800a0006’@ message. The text was also a little hard to read on the wizard page, but elsewhere the site had some great information
* “EasyRGB(EasyRGB – The first RGB and COLOR search engine on the web!)”: is a very handy site packed with utilities such as a color harmony generator and tint search engine
* The online “QuickColor”: tool generates a harmonised colour palette in real time….
* As does this “very good looking flash utility”: over at “Defence Mechanism”: This tool can generate random palettes for you, but doesn’t necessarily generate web-safe colours.
* Finally, “The Colour Schemer(The Color Schemer: The Ultimate Web Designer’s Color Tool)”: is a shareware app that also generates palettes, albeit as a desktop tool.

Note, applicable the spelling of colour from other sites has been retained 🙂

This is my first post using “Zempt”: as a Movable Type client. Its working pretty well so far 🙂 My main reason for getting it is that it does spell checking, and as you may of noticed, I need all the help I can get in that regard!

Quite a few CSS resources have been sitting in my ‘to checkout’ bookmark folder for a while.

* “Position Is Everything”: is a CSS resouce site focusing on the use of CSS for positional layout. The hosted “Perched Upon a Lily Pad”: design which I first found out about from “Simon Willson (Simon Willson’s Blog)”: is especially good
* “CSSShark(The CSShark Answers FAQs)”: has some CSS FAQ’s and tutorials.
* There is some good information over at the “CSS Panic Guide”:, although despite the clean looking site I found it a little hard to navigate.
* “The Nemesis Project”: aims to gather all sorts of CSS resources together. I haven’t looked in too much depth but the “Meta Tag Generator”: hosted there is very handy.
* Eric Meyer’s “CSS Edge”: aims to show the more exterme uses for CSS.
* Finally, “”: has some more CSS layout techniques.

My hunt for a new anti-virus program have lead me to “Panda Software’s”: “Titanium”: I’ve installed the trial version and so far all seems well. I’ll let it bed in for a week or so and if I like it will probably pop over to amazon to “pick it up (Panda Titanium at Amazon)”: I would buy and download it direct from them, but the cost to download the product is the same as purchasing a normal copy, which seems bloody stupid to me – I’d much rather have a CD and manual in my hands, unless its a lot cheaper just to download it.

A few product releases & other things of interest:

* “XPlanner (XPlanner homepage)”: is a web-based product management tool for exterme programming. (source: “Javalobby”:
* The “OpenSymphony(OpenSymphony Homepage)”: group have released “OSWorkflow 2.5.0”: and “OSCache 2.0 beta 1”: OSWorkFlow is an interface-generic workflow engine, whereas OSCache handles the caching of dynamic content for websites. OpenSymphony are also in the process of moving their files over to “ – Suns site for opensource Java collaboration)”: (source: “Javalobby”:
* The latest “early access version (Java Generics homepage – login required)”: of the Java Generics is avaiable at “”: – developer connetion login required. From “The ServerSide”:

Sun has released a new version of the Generics EA package. They have dropped variant type parameters, and added support for wildcard and bounded wildcard type
parameters. The varargs syntax has also been made more readable. Also supported are: Enumerations, Autoboxing, enhanced for loops and Static Imports.