I was out shooting today, putting the x-pro through its paces. No real purpose – meandering around the Portobello Road, shooting stall keepers and tourists alike. I turn for home, walking alongside the westway, when a cyclist zips past. I see him, heading towards me, bring the camera up, track him and *click*. Enough time for one shot, and it’s perfect. He is captured on the top right, pin sharp, looking straight into the lens. The background is beautifully blurred. Perfect shot.

I walk on, and get a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see the cyclist.

“Can you delete that, please?”.

And I do.

Walking back, I think idly “I could probably recover that…”. Legally, I’ve done nothing wrong. And it is a great shot – one of the best I think I’ve taken. But I sigh, and know I won’t. At least this is one shot I can’t claim to have lost due to the Fuji x-pro’s AF.