Yes, I know what you’re thinking – “So soon after the announcement of the “March meeting(magpiebrain – London RC3 March Meetup)”: Has Sam started getting organised?”. Well, kind of – actually I heard from Harry Pot “Simon W(Simon Willison’s Weblog)”: that one of the Django devs, “Adrian Holovaty(Adrian Holovaty’s Weblog)”:, was going to be in town.

Given that it’s so far in advance, I’m sure many of you won’t know if you can make it, but once again it’ll be the same cross-language cross-technology meetup, broadly aligned along Web 2.0 lines – all are welcome, whether or not you think Web 2.0 is great, or just a crock of poo.

It’ll definitely be in London, probably at the “Old Bank of England”:, and I’ll be there. If you want to come along, feel free to leave a comment or even better get your Web2.0-on and signup on “Upcoming( – London 2.0 RC 4)”: The evening’s tag will either be “londonrc4” or “stupidloadofoldwaffle” depending on your tastes.