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A while ago, I wrote an “article”: on RSS and the Java “Informa API”: for O’Reilly’s “”: site. This morning, my Google blog search called up an odd search result – it seems as though a certain Dr. Charlie Peng had copied the article wholesale for his BlogSpot blog, ‘IT Architect’. It looks like a blatant attempt to create a high-ranked blog in order to achieve something (probably commercial gain – I don’t think it’ll help him get girls). If achieving high-ranking is his goal, I’m sure he could of picked some better articles to steal, with some better buzzword density – RSS is _so_ 2003.

I’ve flagged the site, left a comment and informed O’Reilly. Knowing how responsive Google are at removing dodgy blogspot blogs, I don’t expect much to happen anytime soon – unless O’Reilly decide to throw so weight around that is. In the meantime, you can view the stolen article at “architectit dot blogspot dot com /2006/07/rss-in-jsp-using-rss-in-jsp-pages-by.html” (no link referrals for _him_) – although I’d prefer it if you simply read the original article over at “ RSS in JSP)”:

I’ve written an article giving a brief introduction on IoC for, and its been published today. For those of you already familiar with the concept it’s probably not terribly useful, but hopefully it’ll serve as a gentle introduction for those that have yet to look into it.

Work is proceeding on my second article on the “Informa API”: – I’m currently refactoring the FeedManager class whose use forms the basis of the article. The FeedManager‘s job is to manage multiple feeds, and handle their lazy loading (which will fix a major flaw with the simple code presented in “my first article( – Using RSS in JSP pages)”: I’m also getting to grips with OPML – support for which was added to Informa as of the 0.4.0 release by Niko Schmuck (Informa’s project manager), and will be adding a method to add channels from an OPML file to the FeedManager itself. All changes will be going back into the Informa code base – expect them to appear in the next release.

I’m off to the “Leeds Festival”: this weekend, and I was supposed to have the first draft of my second article on Java and RSS done before I go. Whilst no-one was waiting for it especially, I’m very annoyed at myself that I didn’t get it done it time. All the background research is done, I just have to write it up – its 4 hours work at the most, and I’ve had two weeks to do it since I set this self-imposed deadline. I am supposed to be going to see “Beck”: at the “Brixton Academy”: tomorrow, but between a potentially long day at work and the need to get things ready before I head “up north(Guardian online – It’s grin up north)”:,7521,1014134,00.html on Friday, I might give it a miss – if so I’ll attempt to get something done.

As I’m putting the finishing touches to my article on Java & RSS. The submission deadline for the alterations is Monday but I’m hoping to finish it tonight so I can have the weekend clear.

I have just started the process to submit an article I wrote on RSS and Java. Lets see how it goes…