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As I assume many of you (including myself) will be attending the “The Future of Web Apps”:, I’m not going to run a specific Web 2.0 RCX meeting this month. To be honest I can only stand to hang around you new-media over-enthusiastic hand-wavers once a month (you know “who you are”:!), and what with the lineup for the summit it looks like I’m going to get about 4 months worth of Web 2.0 hypness. I’m planning to run an unofficial meetup in the evening after the summit proper, venue tbc.

All highly subjective, but it’s my blog and I don’t care what you damn hippies think.

h3. Java and C#

They’re established, with big crowds. with lots of internationally well known teams. Java, feeling more European, is Football – C#, Basketball..

h3. Smalltalk

A language beloved by it’s fans which “turns on itself”: and ultimately ruins much of its promise, resulting in droves of potential fans deserting it. Smalltalk is Ice Hockey – or perhaps baseball
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Colleague Ivan Moore is offering to “consult in his spare(Ivan Moore – Show Me The Money)”: time to help raise money for the state school his children attend. Ivan is great, so if you need to Agile/XP advise/coaching he’s well worth the money.

If you haven’t met Ivan, a good summary came courtesy of another colleague:

Ivan has two states – anxious and asleep. If he’s awake, he’s anxious

Just a quick note after a long absence (no doubt a flood of posts will now follow, preceding another too long gap). Anyway, “London 2.0rc2(London 2.0rc1 on”: is on for this Tuesday. Once again it’ll be combining the Python meetup, and will be open to all Ruby, Django, Rails, Python, RSS, Catalyst,, TurboGears, Java, RDF and Struts enthusiasts, and interested observers. After missing the last two (which is bad form as an organiser) I’ll be making a concerted effort to put in a prolonged apperance.

If you’re coming, you could either signup on “”:, or leave a comment here. As normal, it’s from 6pm til late at the “Old Bank of England(Upcoming’s entry for the Old Bank of England)”: