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Sun has a “on-line transcript(New Java Language Features in J2SE 1.5)”: featuring a discussion with Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter. It goes into some detail on the new language features, and also mentions the inclusion of metadata which I didn’t realise was making it into the Tiger release. The core of the meteadata specification is covered by “JSR-175(JSR 175 A Metadata Facility for the Java Programming Language)”:, with “JSR-181(JSR 181 Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform)”: covering the use of metadata for web services. It doesn’t look like an early access compiler supporting metadata will be available for a couple of months, but I’ll read over the JSR’s and post more on the metadata concept soon.

The Inquirer has a piece detailing SCO’s plan to “challenge the validity”: of the GPL. Their argument hinges around a federal law which states that only a single copy of software may be made for backup purposes. By this reasoning the GPL’s is void, as it states that you can make as many copies of the software as you wish, as long as all copies (and derivative works) are also released under the GPL. Apart from the fact that the inquirer seem to confuse the whole issue of copyright (contrary to the article, just because you release software under the GPL it doesn’t mean that you don’t have copyright of the work, just that you’ve chosen to allow its use under the GPL), they also miss the point that SCO’s legal challenge to the GPL applies equally to other open source licenses, such as the Apache and BSD-style licenses.
I am sure that the original Federal law was drafted with commercial software in mind (the US government runs its fair share of Open source software), but it looks like we’re going to have to wait until next year at the earliest when the SCO-IBM case finally comes to court to see this point clarified.
_Updated (11:23am GMT)_: I sent some comments to the Inquirer and they seem to of updated their article a little, although the misleading comment concerning copyright seems to remain.

My occasional aid package from Amazon arrived today. Along with a copy of “Panda Anti virus Platinum”: and some graphic novels (the latest “Transmetropolitan(Transmetropolitan – The Official Feedsite)”: and “Hellblazer”: was the latest “Trust The DJ”: compilation by “Giles Peterson”: and the new “Coral(The Coral’s website)”: album, Magic and Medicine. I haven’t liked the Trust The DJ stuff as much as Peterson’s excellent Worldwide compilations, but its worth picking up all the same if your a jazz-head, a hip-hop fan or a little strange. For a taster, listen to his Radio 1 “Worldwide”: show, which you can listen to on the web assuming you have “RealPlayer”: installed. The Coral album on the other hand is no-where near as diverse as their original (no sea-shanties!) but does seem more focused, if at the same time sounding a little more dreamy (think: stoned out on a beach dreamy). Very enjoyable all the same, Liezah being my favourite so far.

I saw that “Jeffrey Zeldman”: had an “ISSN”: number a while back, and kind of considered getting one for myself but it got lost in my ever growing to-do list. Anyway, he’s reminded me by “mentioning”: an old article on “ISSN Numbers For Weblogs”: by “Joe Clark”: Joe Recently added a small update:

I should mention that I’ve been sitting on loads of new information about different nations’ ISSN policies for Weblogs. In short, every country I have heard about is doing whatever it can to refuse new ISSN applications for Weblogs, usually on trumped-up reasoning. This will be fully updated in due course.

Guess I should wait to hear what thats all about before I look too deeply into this…

I’ve just found that “FeedDemon”: will synchronise with an on-line OPML file! This is very handy for me, as I use FeedMonster at home and work. I uploaded an exported OPML file using MT and it worked a treat. At the only a one-way synchronisation though.

Whilst reading the news concerning the previously commercial JMX implementation “XMOJO being open sourced”: over at “The Serverside”:, I found (due to the post’s helpful comments) that its far from being the only one:

* “MX4J”: is currently being used in “Tomcat”: MX4J supports the JMX 1.1 specification, and the team are working on the 1.2 specification (XMOJO only supports 1.0)
* “MC4J”: has some nice management features
* And finally, whilst not an implementation of the JMX API, the “Jakarta commons-modeler”: project simplifies the often complex creation process for MBeans.

More information on JMX implementations and related technologies can be found at suns own “JMXpericne”:

Some clarification and roundup over at “java.lang.NullBlogException”: Some of its a repeat of what I’ve posted, although it seems a lot clearer now that “Elba”: Will not become part of the Geronimo project, but will be a stand-in LGPL EJB stack until a replacement is ready. From the new Geronimo FAQ:

Q: What is Elba?

A: Elba is basically an LGPLed snapshot of JBoss (but not called JBoss to avoid lawsuits). Its not really intended to be developed or enhanced – its a temporary code repository of increasingly shrinking code.

The idea being for the next (say 1 year) Geronimo by itself isn’t gonna be a full J2EE stack. So rather than suffering a Mozilla-style period of lack of use – Elba is a temporary LGPL add-on to Geronimo that Jboss code with Geronimo to provide a full J2EE stack. So from day 1 Geronimo can be used (if so desired) as a full J2EE stack by using the Elba code.

Of course users are totally welcome to just use whats in Geronimo and nothing else. Or they can drop in other existing services if they wish too. So Geronimo is a clean normal Apache project. If need be you can drop the Elba stuff into Geronimo and get a full J2EE stack.

So the “Core Developers”: haven’t done anything wrong, and Mark Fleury can be happy. But you just _know_ he won’t be…

Thanks to “Brainstorms & Raves”: for this – Adam over at “Measure Twice”: has come up with some “fixes/improvements(Measure Twice – Remember Me, Movable Type )”: for MovableType’s ‘remember me’ functionality on the comments page. Would of spotted this myself but forgot to add Measure Twice to FeedDemon…