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Sun has a “on-line transcript(New Java Language Features in J2SE 1.5)”: featuring a discussion with Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter. It goes into some detail on the new language features, and also mentions the inclusion of metadata which I didn’t realise was making it into the Tiger release. The core of the meteadata specification is covered by “JSR-175(JSR 175 A Metadata Facility for the Java Programming Language)”:, with “JSR-181(JSR 181 Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform)”: covering the use of metadata for web services. It doesn’t look like an early access compiler supporting metadata will be available for a couple of months, but I’ll read over the JSR’s and post more on the metadata concept soon.

2 Responses to “Java 1.5 Language Features”

  1. Marc Logemann

    I also didnt know abot the metadata inclusion, thanks for the link. Nowadays its really hard to keep an eye on each of the important java sites. Ohh where are the old days, with no internet, just books and sourcecode 😉

  2. Sam

    I know what you mean! I keep an eye on a couple of sites and hope anything important will eventually ‘bubble up’ and catch my eye. It would be a full time job reading all the java blogs and news sites out there!


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