My occasional aid package from Amazon arrived today. Along with a copy of “Panda Anti virus Platinum”: and some graphic novels (the latest “Transmetropolitan(Transmetropolitan – The Official Feedsite)”: and “Hellblazer”: was the latest “Trust The DJ”: compilation by “Giles Peterson”: and the new “Coral(The Coral’s website)”: album, Magic and Medicine. I haven’t liked the Trust The DJ stuff as much as Peterson’s excellent Worldwide compilations, but its worth picking up all the same if your a jazz-head, a hip-hop fan or a little strange. For a taster, listen to his Radio 1 “Worldwide”: show, which you can listen to on the web assuming you have “RealPlayer”: installed. The Coral album on the other hand is no-where near as diverse as their original (no sea-shanties!) but does seem more focused, if at the same time sounding a little more dreamy (think: stoned out on a beach dreamy). Very enjoyable all the same, Liezah being my favourite so far.