I saw that “Jeffrey Zeldman”:http://www.zeldman.com/ had an “ISSN”:http://www.issn.org/ number a while back, and kind of considered getting one for myself but it got lost in my ever growing to-do list. Anyway, he’s reminded me by “mentioning”:http://www.zeldman.com/daily/0703b.shtml#issnforyou an old article on “ISSN Numbers For Weblogs”:http://fawny.org/issn.html by “Joe Clark”:http://fawny.org/. Joe Recently added a small update:

I should mention that I’ve been sitting on loads of new information about different nations’ ISSN policies for Weblogs. In short, every country I have heard about is doing whatever it can to refuse new ISSN applications for Weblogs, usually on trumped-up reasoning. This will be fully updated in due course.

Guess I should wait to hear what thats all about before I look too deeply into this…