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The MacBook Pro has arrived, and given the expense of purchasing it I’m starting to get worried about taking it out of the house. AppleCare for it will be arriving as soon as I’ve paid for christmas, but prior to taking it back home for the holidays, I’ve been considering getting cover for it.

Options right now are either to try and get extended all risks cover for it on the contents insurance, or go for a specialist. The helpful MoneySavingExpert forums turned up mentions for Compucover, and google turns up many more – but I wondered if readers had any advice? I’m resident in the UK but do plan to travel with it.

3 Responses to “MacBook Pro Insurance advice requested”

  1. Aimee

    Wow! This is weird. I too have just purchased a MacBook Pro. It’s sitting on my kitchen table… still in the box!! Was trying to find a good deal for insurance. Looks as though might have to extend contents insurance. Will keep you posted if I find a good deal anywhere.

  2. macbook pro insurance

    Check out Worth Ave Group for insurance on your Macbook or Macbook pro. They have no deductible insurance for 73 dollars for up to 2000 dollars in coverage.

  3. Life Insurance nz

    This sure is a great reform and more so because it would educate people about the various group insurance options available. Making Good job buddy, Keep it up and more power.


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