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I’d lagged behind the latest WordPress patches so finally bit the bullet and upgraded today. The “unzip the new files over the old” barfed for me, so I went for the slightly more complex “delete the old files first” approach, and all was well. I also ditched my (badly) tweaked Hemmingway theme for the current Web 2.0 one. Expect it to remain fully functional for as long as it takes me to start editing the theme… As always, feel free to report any glitches.

2 Responses to “WordPress upgrade & new theme”

  1. Debashish

    I am not yet able to find a suitable replacement for Squible theme though. I sort of have a love and hate feeling for this theme. What sorts of tweaking were needed for Web2 theme though? Would be good if you could share your tweaked version with all.


  2. sam newman

    So far, no tweaks – although I added a couple of things to the sidebar (such as the open rights group badge). I also tweaked the dropdown menu (simply stopped it showing child pages) – I may get rid of them althogether as they look buggy. I also added the technorati tags I use to the post summaries.

    I really need to go over the ~500 posts and make sure nothing is bust – inline code tags certainly seem broken (appearing in block rather than inline).


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