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Colleague “Jason Huggins”: (“Selenium”: dev) is in town as he’s presenting at the “Google Automated Testing Conference”: , so I felt a meet up was in order. It’ll also serve as a nice warm-up for “d.construct”: later in the week – I’ve managed to snag a ticket so I’ll be going.

Format is the same as normal – laidback, beer, demos, geekery and quite a lot of gradient fills.

As always, the the “London 2.0 Archive”:, “Google iCal feed”: and “Upcoming”: will have all the details – -I’ll update everything once I have a venue confirmed, but as always it’ll be a pub/bar in London-. The venue is now confirmed as the “Old Bank of England”: – we’ll be on the far right of the pub. Feel free to leave a comment if you want to attend or would like to demo something.

14 Responses to “London 2.0 RC 7 – Tuesday the 5th of September”

  1. Remi

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make this one … It’s my girlfriend’s birthday …

  2. sam

    Yep – still happening. Venue confirmed as the old bank of england (see post above)

  3. Pat

    It’ll be good to finally meet Jason and I’ve been slacking at attending any meetings even though I’ve wanted to. Count me in!

  4. tom

    Not sure I’m going to be able to make this, I’m afraid, Sam; few too many committments on right now.

    See you at d.Construct, though…

  5. sam

    All are welcome – it’s as much for people interested in 2.0-type-stuff as it is for people actually _doing_ 2.0-type-stuff


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