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p(update). The venue will be the “Olde Bank of England”: – we have the balcony reserved.

After a long hiatus, it’s back. I’d love to blame trips to China and Minneapolis, but in truth I’m just plain lazy. Format as before – a laidback drink/gossip with perhaps a few demos thrown in.

I’ll hopefully be arranging demos of “Selenium(Selenium – The opensource web testing tool)”: and “Buildix(Buildix – project in a box)”:, but as always feel free to bring along whatever projects you’re imvolved with that you’d like to demo.

Venue to be confirmed – stay tuned to “Upcoming”:, this blog post, the “London 2.0 Archive”: or the Google “ical feed(London 2.0 Events)”: (I’m SO Web 2.0) for updates. Feel free to leave a comment to let me know you’ll be coming along…

10 Responses to “London 2.0 RC 6 – Monday 14th August”

  1. tom

    Hurrah. Thought this had nearly died out – looking forward to both, and should be able to make them, too.

  2. Simon Willison

    I’ve got something fun to demo, but unfortunately it requires a ‘net connection. If someone brings along a laptop with a 3G card or via-mobile-phone connection I’ll show it – it’ll run on anything with a browser.

  3. Yoz

    Simon, I’ll bring my Windows lappie with 3G card – usually gets pretty decent bandwidth as long as it’s using UMTS and not GPRS.
    Can I demo something too? (Three guesses as to which green-logo’ed startup web environment it’ll involve.)

  4. Laura Foy


    I am travelling here from America and I would love to get some video interviews with this group for a website show I produce for Microsoft. I hope this is acceptable!

    See you tomorrow.


  5. Sam Newman

    Hi Laura,

    That should be fine – the pub may be a bit noisy though!

    Feel free to email me on sam-newman AT magpiebrain DOT com for more information.


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