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Now that I’ve “moved my sites(magpiebrain – New host, new blog, new screwups)”: over to TextDrive, I need to find a new domain registrar to complete the relocation. My old ISP was an OpenSRS reseller, and I don’t want to keep paying my old monthly fee to them simply to manage my domains.

The two I’ve heard some good things about are “Joker”: and “RegisterFly”:, but there are so many out there that a bit more feedback would be nice. It’ll need to handle a few .com’s and at least one domain – I definitely need automatic updates and periodic reminder. A reliable web control panel is a must, but I’d rather not pay the earth for managing a few domains.

4 Responses to “Domain Register recommendations needed”

  1. Chris Rimmer

    I use For .uk domains at least, they charge less than cost price to register/renew them, you get full control of the DNS and there don’t seem to be any strings. My domains all point to textdrive’s nameservers as it happens…

  2. Daniel Bodart

    I can definetly recommend Joker, I have used them for about 5 different domains, including new and transfers.

    Full control, dns, no string etcs

    Don’t do etc, mind.

    Good to know about

  3. Peter

    I like and have used them for all my domains apart from .coms for a couple of years (their .com/net/org prices are very high). The control panel is very 1998 but it works well.


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