The secret of becoming organised seems to be that those activities that make you organised have to become habit – they have to become second nature. Basecamp is working well for me right now because it’s new enough that it not being a habit is not a problem. In the next week or so it’s use will enter that odd phase where it no longer has the sheen of the new, but nor is it ingrained habit.

Disorganised though I am, I have developed a daily routine. When I get to work, I sit down, check the email on my current client’s system, then check my company email, then my gmail account, followed by a quick scan of Bloglines. For Basecamp to help me achieve the stated project aim of “Fix My Life”, it needs to become part of this routine – today and every day. Slotting it in-between my email and bloglines scan was easy today – tomorrow will be harder. Like I said before, based on experience (of me), I give this a week – but I think if it lasts a couple of months and becomes second nature, it might just work.