I’ve been living by Basecamp for around 5 hours now (see my previous post on the subject), and it’s gone OK. I’ve the following milestones:

  1. Jobs for this week
  2. Jobs for the weekend
  3. Streamline finances (involves shutting down old accounts)
  4. Organise Scrum training (this is a company thing I’ve let slip)
  1. Organise company away day (see above!)

    Creating to-do lists for the above milestones is as slick as ta-da lists, although it was a little confusing that when you click on “edit” for a specific list, you can’t then add items – you have to do that in the default view. To-do lists can be assigned to a single milestone which is fine, however when viewing by milestone (which is very pretty) you don’t get any idea what makes up that milestone – it would be nice to know that I have X tasks to complete, or even a percentage completion. Likewise when you view to-do lists you can’t group them by milestone.

    As for the actual “fixing Sam’s life” aspect of this whoe experiement, well I have managed to complete today’s assignments. After dinner I want to have a play around the iCal integration – in fact I think I’ll add that to tonight’s to-do list…