A quick post those people reading this site via JavaBlogs. You might like to know that you’ll no longer be receiving my “del.ico.us(My del.icio.us links)”:http://del.icio.us/padark links spliced in with my feed. If you still want to get them, you’ll need to subscribe to my “FeedBurner feed(magpiebrain – summary posts with del.icio.us links spliced in, RSS 2.0)”:http://feeds.feedburner.com/Magpiebrain. All available feed-types are listed on my “feeds page(magpiebrain – available RSS feeds)”:http://www.magpiebrain.com/feeds, or are available via the normal “auto-discovery techniques(http://diveintomark.org/archives/2002/05/30/rss_autodiscovery)”:http://diveintomark.org/archives/2002/05/30/rss_autodiscovery.