Updated: Fixed some typos and the table formatting

Jumping belatedly onto one of the recent blogging bandwagons (by now looking quite unsafe, with peeling paint and all those credible bloggers long since having abandoned…well, wagon) I thought I’d have a look at the browsers people use to view the site in the wake of the release of Firefox 1.0.

Lets look at Analog’s results:


And a fuller breakdown (oh pity my small hit count!):

Breakdown of browser stats for magpiebrain.com
Requests Pages Browser
384470 54388 MSIE
290431 41396 Mozilla
37115 12839 Netscape (compatible)
25038 9122 Googlebot
6778 6778 Hatena Antenna
3770 3722 W3C_Validator
17276 3645 Netscape
2563 2563 WeblogMonitor
22476 2546 Safari
20190 2341 Opera
4830 2199 libwww-perl
3659 1750 FAST Enterprise Crawler
1570 1562 kinjabot beta2

Some things are as expected – higher than average Mozilla requests due to the technical nature of this site and libwww-perl making a significant impact due to the perl-based nature of Movable Type. Hatena Antenna was completely unknown to me however – a quick google “reveals(Crazed Monkey – Hatena Antenna explanation for English types)”:http://crazedmonkey.com/blog/computers/internet/hatena_antenna.html that it’s a Japanese utility, which downloads pages when they change. Either I’ve got a very large Japanese audience, or that thing isn’t that efficient. Likewise so many requests from the “W3C Validator”:http://validator.w3.org/ seemed odd, until I remembered I was using “Ben Hammersley’s webservice(Ben Hammersley – XHTML Validator to RSS)”:http://www.benhammersley.com/tools/xhtml_validator_to_rss.html that periodically runs your site through the validator, and updates an RSS feed if it finds any errors. It’s proved itself time and time again, so I’m not too bothered by the number of requests.