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I’m not sure how I missed this (although I suspect a recent spring clean of my subscribed feeds is to blame) but I managed to miss the announcement that both “NetNewsWire(NetNewsWire and Bloglines)”: and “FeedDemon(FeedDemon 1.5 Beta 1 with Bloglines Integration)”: are to integrate with “Bloglines”: I wasn’t wowed by the original “announcement”: of the Bloglines web services API – I just saw it as an obvious move to enable the development of notifier tools and the like, as well as reducing bandwidth usage, but I certainly welcome the move of commercial rich-client aggregators to use Bloglines to enable synchronisation across multiple machines.

I was very impressed with FeedDemon back when it was a free beta test, however at that time was using several different machines. The fact that I couldn’t synchronise the read item across these machines became such an annoyance that I moved over to Bloglines and up to this point didn’t look back. With this announcement, I think I’ll be purchasing FeedDemon when the Bloglines integration gets added to the production version. Those of you who are registered users of FeedDemon can try out the new functionality in the 1.5.1 beta.

One Response to “NetNewsWire and FeedDemon to integrate with Bloglines”

  1. Phil Wilson

    It’ll be much better when they extend the API to allow desktop aggregators to mark items as read in Bloglines as well as the other way around, which is how it works currently.


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