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You want justification? Lets discuss. First off, I’m brighter than you, have a better job, am better looking, went to a better university, and didn’t vote for Bush/Blair/Kerry/Hitler. You, on the other hand, are less relevant than _anything_ found on the bottom of my shoe.

7 Responses to “My argument is better than yours”

  1. R.J.

    My dog’s faster than your dog, my dog’s bigger than yours. My dog’s better ’cause he gets Ken-L Ration. My dog’s better than yours.

  2. Sam Newman

    Ha! I didn’t say posher uni, I said _better_. I bet all you got at your toff uni was lessons in buggery and drinking teat with your pinkie finger sticking out!

    As for your dog, I’ve got hamsters that can run faster! In fact, my hamster could probably beat your dog up. _My_ dog would make you poo your pants if you saw it!

  3. Bill Hard

    My dick is bigger than yours. Large. Huge. Absolutely humongous. Massive. Immense.

  4. portly

    You look like a pub musician … I don’t

    I think that makes me the winner 😉

  5. Nat Pryce

    If we are “are less relevant than anything found on the bottom of [your] shoe”, why do you want us to add comments and trackbacks? Eh? Eh?


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