No posts from me in a while which has mostly been down to playing sys admin at my current client – more on this in a while no doubt. In lieu of anything of greater interest, I thought I’d remind you of two upcoming events for your calendar, if you happen to be in London in the next couple of weeks.

Firstly, the monthly “Java meetup(London Java Meetup – 23 August 2004)”: will be on the 23rd of August. I’m hoping for something a little more laid back than last months mammoth affair as I hardly got to talk to anyone. No real topic, but expect talk on Java, beer, blogging and state machines.

Running both this and next Wednesday, is Geek Night London. More of a techy affair than the Java meetup – and non-Java specific too, it involves a bunch of us working on Open Source stuff, talking about it, and normally eating pizza. I’ll be working on either “JBehave”: or “DamageControl”: depending on how I feel. If you want to pop by for either this or next week, then stick your name down “on the Wiki”: