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I’m hoping to have another successful GeekNight tonight. It’ll be more development focused I expect – I’ll be working on a UI for JBehave (with a view to creating an IDEA plugin) and no-doubt others will be doing development they’d appreciate help with. If you fancy coming along, pop over to the wiki and “put your name down”: More details can be found “here”:

6 Responses to “Another GeekNight London tonight”

  1. Andy Paul

    I’ve lots of enthusiasm, but very little spare time 😦
    Hence I’m looking to attend a meetup in London which leans towards the technical (as opposed to social).

    Would GeekNights fit the bill?

  2. Sam Newman

    Yep – by and large we tend to write code for OS projects, although I’m planning to arrange once-montly technical presentations.

  3. Howard van Rooijen

    Is there any chance the GeekNight wiki can be updated a little in advance? I checked it out on Monday (was trying to plan out my week) and didn’t see an entry – and only realised that it was on when I saw this posting yesterday afternoon 😦

  4. Sam Newman

    Yep – my bad. I’m in the process of getting a proper GeekNight mailing list going (or at least an RSS feed) to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I’ll post again once it’s setup.

  5. Howard van Rooijen

    That would be excellent. I only found out about the night through Marco Jansen at the ScrumMaster Certification course earlier this month. Are all the projects you work on Java based? I’d love to come along and try and contribute – but I’m primarily .NET based… is that an issue?

  6. Sam Newman

    Not at all – we’ve had .net, Python and Ruby development going on in the past – it really just depends on what projects are being worked on. If you want to suggest working on one of your own projects, by all means stick it on the wiki (assuming I’ve remebered to create a page of course!).


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