Using “HttpClient(Apache Commons – HttpClient)”: I knocked up a simple Java API for “ – the social bookmark manager)”: It worked, but I quickly hit limitations of what the “ API(Documentation for the API)”: itself would let me do – for example there is no way to get all bookmarks for a category. I sent off a feature request, so we’ll see what happens – but for what I wanted to do the current API isn’t good enough.

HttpClient itself did exactly what I wanted, which I guess is all you can ask of an OS project. The documentation was a little lacking, and the dependencies on “commons-codec”: and “commons-logging”: was annoying, however it worked well and gave sensible errors when required.

Along the way I looked at using “XStream”: I was planning to use it to process the results from the calls to, but the nature of the XML meant that this isn’t possible without transforming the results first. I would have no hesitation in recommending XStream for XML serialization, assuming you aren’t already constrained in the nature of your XML schema.