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With a view to adding “Atom”: support to “Informa(Java RSS API)”:, I started looking into the specification in more detail. Just before I started looking at adding support for the syndication format, and found out that Niko (Informa’s product manager) was already looking at it. Instead, I decided to look at the posting and editing API. A “WSDL(Atom’s WSDL file)”: file was available, but “Axis(Apache Axis Web Services API)”: wasn’t too successful at converting it into a Java API. To get wsdl2java to actually process the file, I had to remove the @DELETE@ operation. I then hit the limitations of my knowledge as far as we services are concerned, so this has been put on the back burner while I read over some tutorials. I’ll keep you informed as to Niko’s progress on adding Atom syndication support to Informa

2 Responses to “A Java API for Atom?”

  1. cooper

    I have been looking at using “Atom4J”:” on my project. While Im not a fan of the way it is put together, really, it works. And yes, the Atom spec is all screwed up. They aren’t really designing it as a compliant SOAP service, and the WSDL is a reverse-designed thing that doesn’t compile with many tools.


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