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My ongoing campaign to understand all facets of the “Spring Framework”: has been hampered somewhat by the fact that I haven’t been able to develop anything with it. Using it at work is a non-starter, so I’m looking at developing a project at home which is big enough to explore the various aspects I want to explore, but not so big that it becomes too much work. And ideally it needs to be useful. I certainly want to use AOP with the Spring Framework. Documentation for Spring’s AOP support is sparse to say the least, but I did manage to find a brief overview from the old Wiki which gives me enough of an idea. The problem with these simple demos however is that they have to be simple enough to cover in a straightforward manner but always end up being a trivial example, that doesn’t really help show the power of AOP. Perhaps I’ve found the topic for another article…
I am seriously considering writing an aggregator webapplication actually. Given my knowledge of Informa, RSS and blogging as a whole it would make sense. The only problem with that idea is that I don’t need one really, and I’m not sure anyone else does – works fine for me. Oh well, lets see what the new year brings.

2 Responses to “AOP and the Spring Framework”

  1. Sam Newman

    Heh – my thoughts exactly Brian. Although I suspect that JavaBlogs problems are down more to the host that the software…


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