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It is with a growing sense of dread and depression that I read the “news( – Judge orders SCO to show Linux infringement)”: that SCO finally delivered the UNIX source code that it claims IBM has infringed the copyright of. Surely this should be a cause for celebration? Finally we will see exactly what SCO has been talking about – an army of Linux coders waits in the wings to analyse the code and help rebuke SCO’s claims. The problem? Well SCO has decided to deliver said source code to IBM on 1 million pieces of paper. This reminds me of a bet I won with a welsh friend of mine concerning the England v Wales 5 nations (as was) rugby match a few years back – he took great delight in delivering the £5 in pennies, wet ones at that. I suppose its naivety on my part, but I had hopped that this whole debacle wouldn’t descend into playground tactics.

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