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The secret of good UI design (well, one of them anyway) is knowing how you work and helping you do just that. The RSS feed aggregator “FeedDemon”: is a case in point. As I have said before, I think FeedDemon is fantastic, this opinion being reinforced by something I noticed today. I was looking at a blog in Firebird and decided to add it to FeedDemon (it was actually “Small Values of Cool”:, which for some reason I’ve been reading for ages via a browser rather than an aggregator). So I clicked the syndicate link, copied the link and went to FeedDemon. Clicking the “Add Feed” button and I found that it automatically got the URL from the clipboard! A very small and simple thing, but one that really works, and works well.

Another secret of good UI design? Well, that would be changing the way you work to make you work more efficiently, all the while making the transition between working practises as seamless as possible. Something else FeedDemon has done for me.

2 Responses to “Software that knows how you work”

  1. Debashish

    I agree..I casually tried FeedDemon a week back (I have been using the Bloglines options so far) and started liking it especially the Group Newspaper option is cool. But I don’t think it is free.

  2. Sam

    Its free until the beta ends. That said its still better than anything else I’ve used and will gladly pay for it when its released officially – Nick Bradbury (the guy who wrote Homesite and TopStyle) is something of a one-man-band software developer, and I have no problem at all in giving him some money for such a great product.


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