You may of noticed that posts to my blog have become more infrequent of late. This is purely down to a decision I made in an attempt to keep my blog fairly focused on Java and web-related topics. I’ve also tried to reduce the number of posts which simply refer to other websites without any type of worthwhile commentary as even I could see that it was drastically increasing the signal-to-noise ratio of my blog. I have however realised that there is still things I want to post and am actually missing that aspect of my daily life. To this end I am planning to offer the following:

# A view of magpiebrain which filters out all non-Java related posts
# An RSS feed for the Java-only version which will become the version of my blog which “Javablogs”: will see
# A normal view of magpiebrain containing everything I post
# An RSS feed for the full view

This is going to have to be added to my already overly long todo list for the blog:

# Implement some of the comment-spam prevention mechanisms outlined by “Jay Allen(The Daily Report – Killing Comment Spam For Dummies)”:, although I may hold fire on that until his forthcoming “plugin for MT(The Daily Report – MTBlacklist Almost Ready)”: is available.
# A few design tweaks here and there (I’ve noticed that the right-sidebar text doesn’t behave very well in narrow browser windows) and I have a strange urge to try and use some of the web icon fonts over at “minifonts”: I may get the code 1.1 XHTML compliant while I’m at it.
# Finally get round to adding some about pages (probably using another blog for static pages)
# Add my blogroll to the page
# Implement a private ‘ideas’ blog
# Implement a contact me form which hides my email address

I have next week off – lets see how much I can get done šŸ™‚