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Macromedia has released “RSSU(RSS Untangle – RSSU)”:, a Java RSS parsing library. From The Serverside:

RSSU is perfect for building Java based RSS aggregators. It parses any version of RSS (.91, .92, 1.0 and 2.0) from a stream, URL or file into an intuitive tree of Java objects. If you don’t know the version of the RSS feed (as you often don’t when aggregating feeds), just use the AutoParser, and it will figure it out for you.

RSSU supports and exposes all known tags in all RSS versions, including image tags, and will even retrieve the bytes of images referenced in feeds for you. You can also use RSSU for generating different versions of RSS. The project comes with a ColdFusion MX custom tag and component interface so it can easily be integrated into ColdFusion applications as well as J2EE.

It seems to have fuller support for more advanced RSS features compared to “Informa”:, however it isn’t free or opensource – it has to be purchased as part of “Macromedia’s”: “DevNet Resource Kit Volume 4”:

2 Responses to “Macromedia Releases a Java RSS Parsing Library”

  1. Mad William Flint

    Bah! What a tease. Is there nothing out there in Open Source land that’s a reasonable interface into RSS/RDF/ATOM land? Feh. I’ll have to go write my own perhaps.

    Thanks for the pointer though.


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