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A long piece over at “TheServerSide”:http://www.theserverside details the launch of Apache’s Geronimo project, which aims to produce a fully certified J2EE implementation.

One of the core commitments is for the J2EE implementation to be fully J2EE compliant. The Apache Foundation has access to the J2EE TCKs, which make the certification possible. The core developers who have “signed up” include: Richard
Monson-Haefel (OpenEJB), Geir Magnusson Jr. (Apache), Dain Sundstrum (Core Dev Network), James Strachan (Apache), and more.

Give the variety of Open Source projects out there which are already implementations of various bits of the J2EE specification (I thinking here of “Tomcat”:, “JBoss”:, “OpenEJB”: etc) it will be interesting to see if how many of these existing implementations become part of the project or if any will be rewritten. The inclusion of both OpenEJB developers and JBoss developers (or more specifically the guys who form the “Core Developers Network”: is interesting – I wonder which one will get used? There doesn’t seem to be a website for the project as yet. Expect more on this in the coming weeks.

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