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That’s to a link I found whilst looking at “FeedDemon”: I found out about another blog client, “w.bloggar”: I like it a lot – although its lacking in two areas. Firstly I can’t find a bookmarklet, secondly there doesn’t seem to be a way to force a spellcheck prior to making a post. These are both things “Zempt”: can do, that said the interface for w.bloggar is much nicer, and it has more in the way of formatting tools. I think I’ll try and use w.bloggar for a bit before deciding which to keep around.
_Note:_ Updated to fix a spelling mistake picked up by my pedantic first commenter – thanks for the input 🙂

2 Responses to “Another Blog tool – w.bloggar”

  1. Anonymous

    It doesn’t look like you use the spell-check you have: “allot” 😉 I assume you mean “a lot,” since there is no such word as “alot,” and “allot” means “to allocate.” In your defense, this kind of error would normally be picked up by something like a grammar-checker, not a spell-checker.

    Fear my pedantry!

  2. Sam

    Typical! My first comment on the Blog and its by someone correcting my spelling! I can take a guess as to who it might be too 🙂


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