So, I got home a little late with the full knowledge that I had lots to do tonight. My stereo needed packing up before I take it to the local “Rega”: trader for “repairs(magpiebrain – My CD Player)”:, I had to follow up a couple of issues related to my work with the “Informa(Informa – A Java RSS API)”: library, and I needed to get on with my second article concerning Java and RSS. I managed to stop myself playing “Planetside”:, however still then spent an hour trying out the “FeedMonster”: agregator and the “w.bloggar”: blog client, and then started watching “Dante’s Peak”: of all things (good in a “Deep Impact”: kind of way). Needless to say the next couple of days need to be allot more productive – I’m planning to go to the “Summer Sundae”: in Leicester this weekend and need to have my first draft done of the second article by the middle of next week…..