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Well, my yearly upgrade license for Norton Anti-Virus has finally come to an end, so I’m starting the search for a new anti-virus program. I’d like to use “Sophos”:, as not only is it very good but its a British company, but they are a little pricey. If I don’t find anything better I’ll just renew my Norton subscription or upgrade to “Norton Anti-virus Pro”:

I’ve been planning to write some ‘about’ style pages for a while, and realised the best way to do it is with MovableType. I’ll create each one as an entry and stick their permalinks on the right side-bar, so expect them shortly. I guess if I was doing it properly I’d have them in their own blog. Anyhoo, expect a brief biog and technical about section soonish.

There’s a new version of Brad Choate’s MT-Textile plugin. Not too much that id use myself – I don’t tend to do that much formatting, although the footnote support looks handy, and would probably eliminate all those bracketed asides I keep using! I’m still waiting for a way to add a title to the @href@’s generated using the @”Page Name”: syntax, although I probably should of submitted it as a feature request!

Updated: Seems I missed this in the “documentation(Textile Documentation entry for link generation)”:

Optional: text in (parentheses) following the link text, but before the closing quotation mark, will become a Title attribute for the link, visible as a tool tip when a cursor is above it.

quickSub is an opensource Javascript popup, designed to allow people to add the ability to quickly subscribe to a feed. Its a little too in-your-face for my money – the popup triggers when you rollover an icon, and you have to click a link to close it. A better method would be to have the click trigger the popup. That said its designed to be used on the standard feed XML button – still I might look at adding it to this blog as a normal hyperlink.

Rather than actually playing “Planetside”: tonight, I have instead satisfied myself by watching the movies created from in-game footage over at “Malvision”: Its had the effect of making me want to play right now, however whilst the mind is willing, the flesh is extermely tired…