A whole array of useful sites and tools for you today.

* First off, this “on line PHP script”:http://www.nickherman.com/colormatch/ over at “nickherman”:http://www.nickherman.com/ will generate a colour palette based on a given colour.
* “Colours on the web(Colours on the web – color Theory and color matching)”:http://www.webwhirlers.com/colors/index.asp is a great site which also hosts a “colour wizard”:http://www.webwhirlers.com/colors/wizard.asp which from the description sounds great, however failed to work for me with a handy @Microsoft VB Script runtime error ‘800a0006’@ message. The text was also a little hard to read on the wizard page, but elsewhere the site had some great information
* “EasyRGB(EasyRGB – The first RGB and COLOR search engine on the web!)”:http://www.easyrgb.com/ is a very handy site packed with utilities such as a color harmony generator and tint search engine
* The online “QuickColor”:http://kohaistyle.com/scripts/quickcolor/ tool generates a harmonised colour palette in real time….
* As does this “very good looking flash utility”:http://www.defencemechanism.com/color/color_toy_fr.htm over at “Defence Mechanism”:http://www.defencemechanism.com/. This tool can generate random palettes for you, but doesn’t necessarily generate web-safe colours.
* Finally, “The Colour Schemer(The Color Schemer: The Ultimate Web Designer’s Color Tool)”:http://www.colorschemer.com/ is a shareware app that also generates palettes, albeit as a desktop tool.

Note, applicable the spelling of colour from other sites has been retained 🙂