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I always had this blog to write, not to run a blog. I’ve written less and less over the last couple of years and part of this is down to the overhead of maintaining wordpress. My plan is to switch to a clean, hosted solution – and Tumblr is looking like what I want. I plan to migrate everything over ASAP, but ASAP is proving to be not quite as soon as I’d like.

The migration plan is looking like this:

  1. Setup to point to my Tumblr blog
  2. Start posting there, not here
  3. Write a script to export my posts from here to Tumblr.
  4. Write a script to export my comments from here to Disqus.
  5. Setup permanent redirects from the old posts to the new home at Tumblr.

4 Responses to “Moving to Tumblr”

  1. Paul Jacobson

    Did you ever manage to migrate your posts across to Tumblr? I’ve been thinking about the same thing although I don’t have a clue how to migrate posts across and how to maintain the url structure.

    • Sam Newman

      No – as much as I like Tumblr, it really isn’t suited to the type of stuff I’m writing right now – that is several hundred word articles with potentially multiple images to embed. I will probably keep it around, but may end up integrating it and this WordPress blog together. Now I’m using svn for handling WordPress updates, keeping up with the patches seems like a much more manageable task, so there is a less pressing need to ditch it for something else.

  2. Chris

    tumblr is sexy, but as you indicate it’s intended for short-form material. I often feel like I’m hacking around their native interface — but at the same time I can’t bring myself to leave. Then again I feel so out of place surrounded by f**kyeahcolours, f**kyeahclouds, and f**kyeahhappy.

    Also — no trackbacks on tumblr? Why, I ask.

  3. Shane Daniel

    Several of my favorite tumblrs also have another blog or two for long form writing. Tumblr is more about sharing awesome photos and quotes and cataloguing your Internet finds. It’s a form of hoarding in my opinion.


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