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Update 1: OK, sorry for the change – but I’ve had to reschedule to Thursday 15th of March. Venue still tbc

Update 2: The venue is now confirmed as the Old Bank Of England

OK – I thought getting filmed by someone from Microsoft last year was as surreal an experience as I could expect from London 2.0, but I think a plug on Wired News which I came across in Gmail takes the biscuit:

Londoners’ calendars are once again full of networking events, parties and meetups.

The setting is traditionally a London pub and, in the case of events like Beers & Innovations, appropriate liquid lubrication is on tap.

No damn plug for the blog though – or me! I suppose at least one Sam (Sam Sethi) gets a sound bite – even if he does have nothing to do with the event 🙂

Anyway, after a not so brief hiatus, the next event will be on Wednesday March the 14th Thursday 15th of March. Details up as usual on the calendar, Upcoming and the official website. Venue tbc The venue will be at the Old Bank Of England, but please comment or update upcoming if you’re attending. QCon will be in town at the same time, so we may have a few gatecrashers…

2 Responses to “London 2.0 RC 10 – Thursday 15th of March”

  1. Sam Sethi

    Sorry for not plugging this blog or your event but I will add it to our event list and make a separate post to promote the event if that helps 😉

  2. sam

    Every little bit helps!

    And it wasn’t a criticism of you, it’s just that a google search for ‘London 2.0’ turns up this blog and the official site for the first three hits. Heck, I’ve been contacted via this site and asked to do a voice over (having been confused with the ‘other’ sam newman) – it would of been nice to be contacted concerning something I’d actually done!


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