List below, not neccesarily in any order, are the main reasons given for the lack of activity around both this blog and London 2.0:


With xtech, OSCon, Agile 2007 and XP 2007 I’ve been busy preparing submissions, and I’ll start hearing back from them soon. Rather than continue with my Lego XP Game dog and pony show, instead I’ve submitted presentations on dbdeploy, Buildix, and will hopefully be helping out on a workshop with some colleagues. More information when I get the rejection letters.


Well, it was nice – as was the many mammoth Medieval Total War 2 and World Of Warcraft sessions.


I spent a lot of time writing proposals (which I enjoyed) meeting new clients, and playing with Python & Django. I’m getting really impressed with both Django (and the very good Django book) and the mature tool set for python development as a whole. More soon perhaps


Yeah, well..I had stuff on, you know? And series two of deadwood to watch

Expect a bit more traffic here, and a London 2.0 meeting for the end of feb