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I’ll be presenting a session entitled “Refactoring Databases for fun and profit” with a colleague at this year’s “XP Day 2006”: XP Day (not just XP, not just one day…) is run by the long-established (and Olde Bank of England regulars) the “Extreme Tuesday Club”: I attended last year and can highly recommend it to both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. The conference is very vendor-lite – it is run by practitioners, for practitioners.

Our session will be feeding back experiences of using some specific database refactoring techniques, and will also be presenting a new open source tool for managing database change.

3 Responses to “Refactoring Databases at XP Day 2006”

  1. Simon Brunning

    The fact that XP day takes longer than a day is a bit of a PR cock-up isn’t it? XP is supposed to deliver to schedule…

    Anyway, I hope to be there, and to drag some of my team along too.

  2. Andy Todd

    For those of us who can’t attend is there any chance of getting a look at your notes/slides and access to your ever so intriguing new tool?

  3. Sam Newman

    Its nothing that stellar, we’re planning for it to be ready for a proper release by XP Day itself.

    Luckily, this tool is being written by other, far more dedicated people, which means it’s far more likely to see the light of day 🙂


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