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This month’s meeting will be on Monday the 2nd of October – I’m hoping to try and make the first Monday of each month the regular time for these little get togethers. As usual, it’s informal, no real agenda, however I’ll probably be talking about Database refactorings and Microformats.

After an interesting meeting earlier this month, where Jason provided us with a very cool Selenium demo, I’m once again hoping for people to bring along stuff to show off. This time around I’ll do my best to get a quieter space – hopefully one of the rooms at the Olde Bank of England. We have a room at the Olde Bank of England. Starting 7pm as usual, although I’ll probably be there from 6.30pm.

Please let me know if you’re going to attend – either by leaving a comment or mentioning it over at “Upcoming”: As always, the event is on the “London 2.0 iCal feed”: too.

8 Responses to “London 2.0 RC 8 – Monday the 2nd of October”

  1. Demian Turner

    Hey Sam, really enjoyed last meetup, great to meet all the guys and very interesting Jason’s demo. Is there any more info/slides on the demo, I’d love to get a similar test env setup.

  2. Makoto Inoue

    Database refactorings and Microformats sound interesting, so I would like to attend. See you there.


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