p(update). _Update_ Chris Read has “more on Buildix”:http://www.chris-read.net/?p=8 over at his blog.

Our Build Monkies have been hard at work – and “Buildix”:http://buildix.thoughtworks.com/ is the result. A Live CD (powered by KNOPPIX) which contains a working Suberversion Repository, “CruiseControl”:http://cruisecontrol.sourceforge.net/ install, “trac”:http://www.edgewall.com/trac/ and example build scripts.

Run it as a Live CD, install it straight on to a machine, or even run it via VM Ware. Check in your source code, CruiseControl picks it up and will build it, and Trac will… well, track it. There’s even a trac plugin which displays your CruiseControl builds in trac’s timeline.

Buildix has been designed to get your project up and running quickly. Right now much of it is focused around building Java code, but with your own build script this could as easily be used to build any code you want. And version 1.0 is only the start. Rumours are the next version will contain “CC.Net”:http://sourceforge.net/projects/ccnet/ running under Mono for you .NETers, and I can’t believe a version supporting Ruby and Python development will be far behind.

Huge kudos has to go to the team – Tom Sulston, Chris Read, Julian Simpson, and Jez has probably had a hand in there too. My contribution has mostly been heckling from the sidelines. If you fancy giving it a go, grab the ISO from the “main site”:http://buildix.thoughtworks.com/ – it’s freeware so there is nothing to stop you. And if you need more convincing, they’ll be a demo at the next “London 2.0 meeting”:http://www.magpiebrain.com/blog/category/web-20/london-20-meet-ups/.