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Much fun was had at the Django/Rails meetup in London last Monday. Colleagues Duncan Cragg and Ben Butler-Cole managed to demo a Django-based project being developed for a bid (more to follow if we win), and Michael Sparks from the BBC demoed Kamelia, and we also had lots of people from the monthly Python meeting there too,

Both Simon and Natalie had got jobs since the last meeting – Simon as you may know is now working for Yahoo on Flickr, whereas Natalie is now working for Torchbox, who she met at the last meeting. I also managed to have good chats with Matt (sans demo, although hopefully he’ll have one next time), Tom, ribbed Edward about his collections of machines running Debian, and as always drank too much with Simon. I also talked to lots of other people, but I have a terrible memory! Hopefully I at least remembered everyone who brought me a drink at least.

General consensus was that everyone had fun, although the venue was too loud. I’ll be scouting a couple of potential new venues this week (hopefully somewhere that serves food other than Hula Hoops) – expect the next meeting to be closer to the City proper. I’ll announce a date for the next meeting once I’ve confirmed a venue (and made sure we don’t clash with Jez’s Java meetups), but expect it to be on either the 7th of 14th of November.

3 Responses to “Great Rails/Django meeting last week, details on the next”

  1. Joe

    Makes me wish I was a tad closer to London, they sound like great meetings. Instead I’m on the other side of the pond and a continent.


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