Yes, it’s another “I upgraded my blog and aint I great” post only this time it’s in the form of thanks to a couple of different parties.

First off, I decided to upgrade the blog to Movable Type 3.2. On a Sunday evening. Right before bed. After a migrane. Without backing up the database. Note to everyone out there: do not hire me as your sys admin. Net Result? One mildly screwed install. The (apparently slicker) upgrade process hung tring to upgrade MT::Log without giving me any helpful information. Luckily some kind soul came to be rescue, and as a result you get to see a useful post like this.

Next up I installed a copy of Douglas Bowman’s photo gallery templates. The excellent documentation made installing the templates a breeze – and the result is fantastic. Anyone that can make my pictures look good deserves a medal – and the least you can offer him is a small donation for such stirling work.