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Just a little reminder – the meetup is still on for the 5th. It’s looking like a good turnout too – the following people have mentioned they may be coming along:

  • Simon Brunning
  • Tom Dyson
  • Matt Biddulph
  • Tom Dunham
  • Matt Mower
  • Sean O’Halpin
  • Tom Ward
  • James Adam
  • xtian
  • Simon Willison
  • Scott Matthewman
  • Will Macdonald
  • Jon Ramsey
  • Ben de Groot
  • Rob M
  • Peter Ferne
  • Peter Cooper
  • Jeremy Keith
  • Tom Armitage
  • Dan Webb
  • Matthew Westcott
  • Neal Todd
  • Helen Bright
  • Victoria Chan
  • Andrew Whitehouse

    …why can’t we all just, get along?

    My post comparing Django and Rails has garnered good response, and has probably set a record for the number of comments left in a single day for this site. What most impressed me (beyond the fact that a few people seemed to like the piece in the first place) is that the comments left didn’t degenerate into a flame war about what was better. That has reinforced what I originally thought – that in the same way Ruby and Python are more similar than disimilar, Django and Rails are more alike than they are different.

    I mentioned at the end of the article that I thought both communities could learn from each other. So, in the spirit of goodwill, I thought it would be nice to have an informal meetup for the local Rails and Django developers in London village. In the style of the successful Python and Java meetups, it’ll involve an evening, a pub, and perhaps some hula hoops.

    I’m interested in all kinds of people coming – those using either Rails or Django commercially or as a hobby, those who think the whole thing sounds like the emperors new framework, those who are open minded and curious, and even those who’ve never coded a line of a dynamic language in their life. Feel free to bring along laptops and give demos. To give people plenty of time (and because there is a bank holiday in the way) I’m suggesting the 5th of September from 7pm, and because I can walk there from work, Smiths of Smithfield (home of many a Java meetup). Please leave a comment if you want to come along!

27 Responses to “Django and Rails London Meetup, 5th of September”

  1. Simon Brunning

    Perhaps it also indicates that the Ruby and Python communities are more similar than dissimilar – as in, unusualy friendly.

    Anyway, despite having used neither framework, I’m game.

  2. Tom Dunham

    Just stumbled across Django, played with Rails for a while. Prefer Python to Ruby (but it’s just an preferance). Like to warm a seat.

  3. James Adam

    Another one of Sean’s slaves/minions/underlings/team members signs up…

  4. obie

    Aw, wish I could be there. Just wait til you see my next post, man. I actually praise something about Django! :p

  5. Tom Haddon

    Won’t be able to make it to this one, but am interested in any future meetups. Am in the process of porting a python email monitoring app to Django…

  6. xtian

    I’m keen. I arrived in London just after the last Python meetup (have there been any more of those since April?), and I’d like to meet other people interested in dynamic languages.

  7. Moof

    Damn, and I’m in London the _previous_ evening, but down in Kent that day.

    Close shave, though.

  8. Scott Matthewman

    I’d like to come along, if I may. Not using either framework in production as yet, but am considering moving at least one PHP web application to a new platform…

  9. Peter Ferne

    I’m involved in projects using both frameworks. So I’ll definitely be there if I can – although I’m only arriving back in the country that afternoon, and I’m flying in to Bristol (where I live). If I miss it please let me know about the next one.

  10. Sam Newman

    Don’t worry if you can’t make it – I’m sure they’ll be others (assuming there are no fights to the death concerning blocks and closures)

  11. Peter Cooper

    Those of us who are doing Rails for a living should be drowning in so much work we haven’t got time to come 🙂 Well, I’ll see.. 🙂

  12. Tom Armitage

    I might well come along; whilst not using it in a professional context, I appear to have started a potentially-moderately-big project in Rails, and it’s proving to be very pleasant to work in. It’d be good to chat to some of you.

  13. Andrew Whitehouse

    Hi, My day job involves J2EE design/development in a large bank, and I’m considering Rails for other projects. Look forward to meeting you.


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