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It’s OK everybody, there is no point comparing Django and Rails, Obie has it sorted:

There’s one problem dude… No matter how good Django is, it isn’t written in Ruby.

You see, that’s what so great about Obie – he can deliver a balanced, reasoned comparison without letting language politics get in the way.

8 Responses to “Django vs Rails”

  1. Hani Suleiman

    This kid should just be ignored, he’s a laughing stock both inside and outside of tw. It’s impressive for someone to sound like such an idiot that even fellow thoughtwankers are ashamed.

  2. obie

    Sam, I’m not sure to what extent you are criticizing me or just cracking a joke, however I feel the need to defend myself by pointing out that if I had wanted to write a balanced, reasoned comparison I would have invested the time and effort to do so. I feel my comment was in the same spirit as Jason’s, who admitted: “my snarky comments are more than a little tounge-in-cheek”.

  3. Sam Newman

    You see Obie, it’s just _so_ hard to tell! I mean even when people point out that perhaps you’ve been “overhyping Rails”:, you just assume “they don’t get it”: Or was that tounge in cheek too? Rails might be the greatest thing ever, or it might not – but without balanced discussion it’ll just get written off as a tool by and for zealots and will fail to address some legitimate concerns out there (not least of which that fact that the vast majority of people using Rails commercially are replacing PHP apps, not rewriting enterprise Java/.NET apps).

  4. Jon Tirsen

    I would actually agree with Obie in his “evaluation” of Django. Django might be supercool and all (disclaimer: I have no idea of it’s technical merits) but the fact it’s a framework for Python almost directly rules it out for me personally. Python just leaves me completely cold.

  5. obie

    Sam, Patrick’s comments are dated April 12, 2005. I may have been overhyping Rails back then, but I don’t think that I am now.

    By the way, compared to Java, I think Python is awesome, but compared to Ruby I think Python sucks big fat donkey balls. That’s not tongue-in-cheek.

  6. Sam Newman

    Oh well – I hoped by baiting Obie I might get a senisble discussion out of someone – seems I’ll have to keep waiting (I’m still waiting for _anyone_ to respond to my comments that most people using Rails are PHP programmers – and are using it in the same way they use PHP).

    As for the comment “sucks big fat donkey balls” I really hope prospective ThoughtWorks clients don’t read that…

  7. Former TW Client

    I’m a former TW client. I had a number of ThoughtWorkers on my projects before.

    I admit they’re experts in their field.

    But I was highly disappointed with their attitude. The smartest TWer (who happened to record the highest score on mankind’s asshole-meter) completely disrespected the architect working at my company.
    To the extent that the TWer used inappropriate words toward this person.

    Even the junior TWer (1-2 year experience) acted as if they’re smarter than the non-TWers. I could only shake my head in disappointment, were they being brainwashed in TW?

    Here’s a public plea to TW… it wouldn’t hurt to be nice to people. Please.


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