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Since I lost the use of the subscribe to post plugin (for reasons known only to the Perl gods) I’ve wanted to add some other way for people to stay tuned to changes made to interesting posts – especially to see if replies are made to comments they’ve left. The obvious solution was staring me in the face – RSS feeds for each post. Using phil ringnalda’s similar template, I’ve updated the template to RSS 2.0, added a full HTML version of the post itself, and using MTSimpleComments include both trackbacks and comments. So now if you see a post that interests you, you can subscribe and get updated when the post changes, or someone leaves a comment or trackback.

Anyway, here is the template – if you don’t have MTSimpleComments you’ll have to replace it with standard Movable Type tags:


    <title>: </title>

    Copyright  by the authors
    Movable Type



        <title>Trackback from <a>"></a></title>


        <title>Comment: </title>


3 Responses to “Individual entry RSS feeds”

  1. Peter Costello

    Hey, Probably a dumb question but…
    Do I need to add anything to my indivual archive template? I have added it as an archive template and rebuilt but nothing happened. As you can probably tell, I’m not very techy.



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