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Well, right now I’m:

  • Recording the TV via the Elgato EyeTV 410 (which I can tell because there is a little TV picture sitting in the dock showing me the OC, which is cool and distracting when I’m trying to type)
  • Burning a DVD of some old backups (which the helpful Toast dock icon is informing me)
  • BitTorrenting various things (highly legally, honest)

    So, it’s that cool. The only problem now is that I’m not sure I’m cool enough to use it…

2 Responses to “So how cool is a mac mini?”

  1. Dieter

    Cool. I got my Mac Mini last week too. I installed Tomcat, MySql, Firefox and Thunderbird on it. All these applications are open + iTunes and it’s still running smoothly (I’ve 512 MB). I never experienced this with all my P4 Windows PC’s.
    I still have to get used to the Unix commends etc.

  2. Max

    Wow, I never realized how great we Mac users have it. I guess that being raised with Macs I’m just used to all that stuff…


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